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Does your skin have a glow or a shine to it? The difference between the two could sometimes be hard to differentiate. When your skin is glowing, it catches the light and illuminates your face but, when your skin is oily and shiny it has a slick sheen to it.

REASONS WHY YOUR SKIN IS OILY – Notice that your skin releases a little extra shine? However, the truth is everyone has oil in their skin. Under your pores you have a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. This helps your skin stay hydrated and healthy. So, having natural oil in your skin is not a bad thing. But, in some cases for some people the sebaceous glad can produce too much oil that creates oily skin.

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR SKIN IS OILY? – You know you have oily skin when your skin is consistently shiny, and you go through so many blot papers throughout the day. Or when your skin feels greasy just a couple of hours after cleansing your face. Breakouts is another thing that oily skin is more prone to. Most likely breakouts are caused when the sebum gets mixed with dead skin cells that get stuck in your pores.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE OILY SKIN? – Use a cleanser that is formulated for oily skin. The best cleansers for oily skin are active yet still mild in the effect it has on the skin. The most efficient ingredients that help balance the oil production in your skin are BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) BHAs are like salicylic acid that can penetrate the oil gland easier to remove the excess oil and other pore clogging debris. Levigated forms of salicylic acid are more effective and less irritating when you combine with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), glycolic acid and other anti-Inflammatory ingredients.

DO NOT OVER CLEANSE YOUR FACE – While it may seem instinctual to wash your face more when its oily. But washing your face more than 2 times a day will have the opposite effect. Your skin has a process called biofeedback to balance the oil production of your skin. When you over cleanse, use harsh facial cleansers, alcoholic toners, or even an electric cleansing brush you are irritating your skin which stimulates more sebum production. Now this excess oil gets trapped under your clogged pores which then runs the risk of triggering more acne breakouts. Therefore, cleansing your skin twice, a day is most optimal. However, it is important to cleanse your skin after sweating. In those cases, you can cleanse your face a third time due to being in a hot, sweat environment. You could also use an oil free face wipe to hold you over between washes.

Pro tipWhen cleansing your skin be sure to use lukewarm water. Hot water and even ice-cold water can further irritate your skin.

USE A MOISTURIZER THAT IS SUITABLE FOR OILY SKIN- Moisturizers are essential for people with oily skin – especially when using active anti-acne skincare products. A light oil-free moisturizer will do the trick without clogging your pores and causing more oiliness.

AVOID IRRITATING PRODUCTS AND TOOLS – Although there are many products and devices that seem good to add to your skincare routine especially for oily skin types. However, these products can also irritate the skin, causing further breakouts and other skin conditions later. Things to avoid:

TONERS – Toners that have alcohol – based liquids are meant to dissolve and strip the dirt and oil from the upper layer of your skin. Unfortunately, toners also damage the protective layer of your skin causing it to be more acne prone and sensitive. To remove makeup, it's better to gently use oil-free makeup remover wipes that is followed by a mild cleanser to remove the debris, dirt, and oil. Along with an oil-free moisturizer to renew the skins protective layer.

ELECTRIC SPIN BRUSHES – Although these brushes are super popular online, they are often too harsh on the skin. It is recommended to use your clean hands to cleanse your skin. Or you can also use a soft microfiber towel to help remove your makeup without irritation

USE SPF IN YOUR ROUTINE – Using SPF is recommended to use once a day in your routine. However, it can get tricky when you have acne prone skin. Make sure that you are using an oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30. This will protect your skin without adding skin oiliness and cause more breakouts.

HOW DO YOU GET A NATURL GLOW? Using Hyaluronic acid is one of the best skincare ingredients that is infused with hydrating, anti-ageing and that even heals wounds amongst others. It helps your skin in holding natural moisture that gives you a natural, hydrated look. This will help in achieving a youthful look! Using Aloe vera in your routine will also give you a natural glow as it has nourishing and healing properties that rejuvenates the skin.

Recommended to use our GLOW SET as it contains green tea, aloe vera, AHAs & BHAs, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid and much more to give your skin the healthy, natural glow that you have been looking for!

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