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 As a small business located in Rockland County, NY, our goal is to reach all individuals who are looking to invest in a great skincare product. Skincare is critical to the human body and having an efficient skincare routine will ensure your skin's health. With that being said our products are made thoughtfully and carefully to meet your needs! R Beautiful Skin is manufactured in Greece with natural and high-quality ingredients. We are vegan friendly and forever against animal cruelty, and FDA approved. R Beautiful Skin helps fight against stubborn acne, wrinkles, dark spots, blackheads, damaged skin and much more. Our products are designed to repair the skin and protect from future damage. Including antiaging and acne treatments!  From the first application, you will start to see results with a beautiful natural glow! Our healthy-good for you products will leave your skin soft, smooth with a youthful like complexion. So, join me in practicing self-love and give your skin the attention it deserves!


RIA BEAUTY is a safe place where you can be yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. With aspiration to help others we strive to make a difference in the skincare industry. As a beauty company we care about your skincare/beauty goals and will continuously create products that are innovative and helpful. 


I started Ria Beauty with dreams of developing a high-quality skincare brand that is good for your skin and to promote healthier skin. One day I decided to turn my dreams into reality and start my very own skincare line R Beautiful Skin. As a licensed cosmetologist I am inspired to help others and create unique products that meet your needs! I have always struggled with finding great products that met my skincare needs so, my goal is to bring products to you that target specific complexities and give you the relief you have been looking for.  As a full-time employee and a small business owner my schedule can get pretty overwhelming but, I am very passionate about joining the beauty industry and making a real difference.  Having a part in the beauty industry is my dream and my ambition is to pursue it full time one day. This is the beginning, and I am very excited as RIA BEAUTY has so much more to offer! 



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